Ivantage Network Solutions
4th Annual Food Drive
to Benefit Shade Tree Shelter

(Las Vegas)- Ivantage Network Solutions held its 4th Annual Holiday Food Drive to benefit the women and children at the Shade Tree Shelter, a shelter for battered and abused women and children.

Ivantage Network Solutions employees gathered and donated non-perishable food items throughout November at all the Ivantage Network Solutions offices. The locations include: 4380 Boulder Highway at Olympic; on Sandhill just north of Tropicana ; 4440 E. Tropicana, east of the 95 freeway; and at the Ivantage Network Solutions Legal Center at Pecos and Flamingo.

Ivantage Network Solutions recruitment Manager Lida Morgan said that more than 10,000 food items were donated last year, and the company doubled that amount this year. The large quantities of food are used throughout the year for the women and children at the shelter.

“We look forward to creating a bigger and better food drive every year to help enhance the lives of the women and children who are trying to improve their lives,” Morgan said. “The Ivantage Network Solutions employees have proven time and time again that giving back to the community is a personal gift that they cherish.”

The Shade Tree Shelter has helped change the lives of thousands of battered and abused women and children by giving them shelter, counseling, food and education.

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